About Us

About Us

Cappo Drinks manufactures and produces a complete line of quality smoothie (frappe) mixes for the foodservice industry. We only use the finest ingredients in all of our products, thus achieving a flavor profile that is unmatched. We use pure Arabica coffee, Dutch chocolate, Belgian white chocolate and Japanese Matcha Green Tea to produce unique luxurious flavor profiles just to name a few. Once you taste them, we think you'll agree Cappo Drinks are the finest gourmet ice-blended drinks. We go to great lengths to ensure that every package we manufacture has quality you can see and quality you can taste. The result is a naturally delicious, unparalleled product you'll be proud to serve your customers.

Successful operators know that specialty beverages can be a key component to added profits. They command a premium price and drive incremental sales. Ice blended drinks have become the specialty beverage of choice for active, nutritionally aware consumers. Whether served as a great beverage, snack or a light breakfast, Cappo's quality smoothie mixes can lead to increased sales and profits.


Our founder Scott Berberian created the Original Cappo Drinks Smoothie (Frappe) mixes in 1991. Cappo Drinks now has over 25 great smoothie (frappe) mix flavors. Scott saw an opportunity and market potential for premium, powdered  Smoothie (frappe) mixes for ice blended drinks. He was motivated then, as is now, with the drive to capture the consistent rich coffeehouse flavors of authentic mochas and lattes in a refreshing ice blended beverage.


Today, these delicious drinks could not be more popular and Cappo Drinks strives to be the industry leader with innovative cutting edge flavor profiles and a consistent passion for optimum quality.


The Cappo Drinks Features and Benefits:


  • A Research and Development Team that has over 20 years of flavor formulation experience.
  • A Coffee Roasting team that knows their coffees and balance it takes to hold to the golden rule of coffee blends and that they should be better than the coffees were individually. Often, combining them adds greater balance and complexity, while highlighting the best notes of each component of the coffee.
  • We manufacture and distribute all our product offerings.
  • As manufacturers under a continuous improvement process system we can offer affordable product pricing.



  • Consumers demand a flavor profile that is repeatable and consistent… year-round and will get it with Cappo Coffees.
  • You can offer your customers many smoothie (Frappes) flavor offerings to satisfy their taste buds and put high-margin profits to your bottom line.
  • On Time deliveries and emergency orders are available to keep well stocked.


The Cappo Difference Maker:

We TRUST you will agree that all our coffee and smoothie (frappe) mix profiles are truly "The Taste of Luxury"…


Cappo Coffees: Visit Our Coffee Knowledge Section on our Coffee page to Learn About Our Coffees and Processes.